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Portrait of Sharon

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My name is Sharon and I am British. I live in London but also have a house in Umbria, Italy.

I am professionally qualified to teach English as a foreign language and have many years of experience of teaching English, primarily to Italians but also to natives of Thailand, Israel and France. I am passionate about languages and language learning. As I speak French and Italian fluently, and can converse in several other languages, I have a genuine understanding of the challenges of learning a foreign language and how to overcome them.

For two months in April and May, I gave free English lessons to Italians in lockdown. Most of them then decided to continue with paid lessons and also recommended new students who have now joined my classes.

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Who studies with Sharon?

My students range from young children to adults. They are mostly Italian but I also have students from other parts of the world. I have taught people from many different professions – for example, real estate, clinical psychology, steel product procurement, tour guiding, marketing, education and computer science.

Of course, I am not an expert in these fields but I work with you to focus on the kind of English you need – whether for school, business, travel, pleasure or a combination of these.

What to expect

You will speak English from the first lesson. Together, we will focus on you and your interests such as sports or music. If you are learning English for your work, we also concentrate on Business English and in particular, English related to your profession.

Because I speak Italian, I understand the problems many Italians experience when they learn English. Because I speak other languages too, I have real empathy with the challenges faced by anyone trying to learn a foreign language.

We cover a rich variety of topics related to your needs and interests.  These  often refer to real-life topical issues or news stories but also include fun videos, everyday dialogues and role plays.

The lessons are informal and friendly and packed with fun learning strategies. I also refer you to a wide variety of useful educational resources such as good online dictionaries, grammar websites etc. But the lessons are NOT what many people experience at school, where you repeat what the teacher says and follow page after page of a largely uninspiring textbook.  Our lessons together are about YOU, your educational needs and your passions, interests and hobbies.

Before your first lesson, I will send you a simple self-assessment form. It asks you to tell me what you think your level of English is, what your work is, or what year you are in at school, your interests and hobbies and what kind of English you need. For example, are you looking for conversational English, or help with grammar or pronunciation, or do you need English for writing professional emails?

I will then give you a FREE short trial lesson, which will give you an idea of my methodology and what to expect. This FREE offer is limited to the first 20 people who book.

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1 – 1 lessons

Lesson price: €25

Course of 10 consecutive lessons: €220 (€22 per lesson).

Group lessons

Lesson price: starts at €35 per lesson for 2 people

Course of 10 consecutive lessons: €330 (€33 per lesson for 2 people).

Enquire here for lesson prices for larger groups.

Payment and duration

Payment is in advance via PayPal.

Lesson duration: generally 45 – 60 minutes

The first trial lesson is FREE to the first 20 people who book.
Lesson duration: 30 minutes.


With warm thanks to Norman Lamont for website design and advice; to Andrea Maccherani for the Italian translation and to Hilary Thompsett and Andrea for proofreading. 

The English With Sharon website is dedicated to my dear friend and student, Mohamed Bellali, who passed away in August 2020.